I have kept my non-profit blogs and Websites OPEN TO ALL. It is all Open Source. After all Knowledge is for sharing!

Please feel free to copy and use, without acknowledging me, BUT WITHOUT WRONGFUL DISTORTION, ANY text,

images, videos herein to spread the word POSITIVE HEALTH FOR ALL wherever You feel fit.

Millennia-Old Ancient Hindu Scripture Rigveda says “Let Knowledge come to us from ALL DIRECTIONS!”!ImageImage

By the same token I borrow freely from sources accessible to me what I feel may be useful for the readers of my  

blogs / websites.

Wherever possible I have indicated the source – I am yet to learn , html coding etc.,

Please Please forgive me if there is any slip by me in this regard – copyright / intellectual property rights etc.,

My Appeal to such text, images, videos sources is “Please help me to help others with knowledge on a NON-PROFIT




About Loga muthu krishnan

I am a 70 year old Neurosurgeon just started Non-Profit blogs under WordPress, Google Bloggerspot, webs.com, Facebook, http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/etc., entitled "Positive Health For All" disseminating useful health information free of cost over the internet(Absolutely NO promotions of persons (including me), brands, hospitals, books etc.,). My blogs are:https://krishnanlogamuthu.wordpress.com/, http://gtieve.blogspot.com, http://logamuthu.webs.com/ http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/logumuthu.krishnan

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