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Greetings Hi

Hello! hullo! hi! howdy! Hallo! salut!  ciao! hej! olá! привет! hej! moi! hei!! morn! hola! やあ! γεια! (επιφ.) (招呼语)嗨! All mean the same albeit in different languages!   

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BTW(Back To Work!) at PHFA(Positive Health For All!) 0003!

:-S(Confused) by my liberal sprinkling of Translations, Abbreviations and Emoticons / Smileys?

Talking about Translations  and Languages – DYK (Do You Know) How to find the mother-tongue of a seasoned Multilinguist who can speak in umpteen languages as fluently as you can speak in your own mother-tongue?

When such a  multilinguist  – basically a Tamilian with Tamil as his mother-tongue – baffled and challenged the court of King Sri Krishnadevaraya of South Indian Vijayanagara Empire and none of the scholarly courtiers could find his mother-tongue, all eyes turned to the court’s scholar-poet-clown, Vikata Kavi Tenali Raman (full name – Garlapati Tenali Ramakrishnacharyulu). Tenali pretended to give up and go away but surreptitiously went behind the multilinguist and hit him in the back, on which the multilinguist instantaneously shouted in pain, “Ayyo! Amma!!” (Tamil Phrase for “Oh Mummy!”). Thus Tenali exposed the multilinguist’s mother-tongue to be Tamil, as anybody’s instantaneous cry in unexpected pain will be only in his (/ her) (“Man Embraces Woman” – as Sir.Winston Churchill said in the English Parliament – very parliamentary indeed!)) mother-tongue!

 This story proves the popular notion that the sweetest language in the world for any person is his (Are U there Sir.W.Churchill!?) own mother-tongue (“Among all the languages I know, there is none as sweet as Tamil!” said India’s Freedom-struggle-era’s National Poet, Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiar) although the UNESCO survey of 2010 voted Bengali [(the mother-tongue of 1.”Periyakka” (“Big Sister”) Ms.Mamata Banerjee, the present (and first Woman) Chief Minister of West Bengal proving herself to be a veritable reformist and 2. India’s 1913 Nobel Laureate in Literature (Sir.) Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) – (author of the famous book Geetanjali, literally “song-offerings”), who was the youngest son of the great Debendranath Tagore, a leader of the Brahmo Samaj and founder of the world-renowned Ashram / hermitage Shanthi Nikethan (“Abode of Peace”)], as the sweetest language in the world followed next by Spanish and Dutch as the second and third sweetest tongues respectively.

EFN (Enough For Now) about Translations and Languages, I say!

What about Abbreviations, You ask!

That will be a SFAD(Story For Another Day) – Positive Health For All krishnanlogamuthu 0004!

Cya (See You) soon(er or later), God willing!


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