Before we go into “FDA-APPROVED DRUGS KILL A MILLION AMERICANS PER DECADE – one person every five minutes!” in detail, read the following too!

I am proud of my profession- medical – the noblest and second oldest – second in ancience only to “that…otherrrr” :-)) oldest profession!

God and society have given me the wherewithal (necessary means) to  diagnose and treat diseases / disabilities of fellow-beings (Cure  sometimes, palliate (from Latin “palliare”= to cloak) / mitigate often and comfort always!).

Yet there are times I am ashamed of revealing my profession, when some black-sheep members of my profession wilfully scheme to cheat / rob / disable / and even kill unwitting fellow-beings who submit,  nay surrender, themselves  totally – in blind / unquestioning faith – to the doctor. Healers or Killers?!

A friend of mine who went through the turmoil mentioned above asked me once, “What is the difference between lawyers and doctors?”. As I started raking my brain for all contextual sayings / proverbs / quotes / jokes, he gave me his answer, “Lawyers just rob you! Doctors rob you AND kill you!”!


No wonder Dr.George Bernard Shaw, noted Nobel Laureate playwright – ranked second only to THE one and only Bard from Stratford-upon-Avon and my role model for quick, sharp and pungent satire / repartees said through one of his characters – Jennifer Dubedat – in his play The Doctor’s Dilemma (a Must Read Masterpiece available for free download  398 KB .pdf at the following URL of Pennsylvania State University “doctors were ignorant licensed murderers!”!.

See you again in Page II of this topic!


About Loga muthu krishnan

I am a 70 year old Neurosurgeon just started Non-Profit blogs under WordPress, Google Bloggerspot,, Facebook,, entitled "Positive Health For All" disseminating useful health information free of cost over the internet(Absolutely NO promotions of persons (including me), brands, hospitals, books etc.,). My blogs are:,,

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