Welcome back to the old saying,

“See Naples and [sic] die!”.

This old adage handed to me in

a Tourist leaflet when I was about to

board a coach to Naples in 1970

made even me [- a die-hard

Never-Say-Die Optimist who

always booked a Return Ticket and never

took a Flight Insurance as pessimists and

weeping philosophers do (more of the

latter later in this blog)] to cancel my trip to

Naples – a much maligned yet beautiful city!      


Having escaped a possible curse of death

by cancelling my trip to Naples, I found that

I was in good company of many other

tourists who had shunned away from Naples

and, lo behold, a lot more citizens of Naples

who had deserted Naples and migrated to

greener and safer pastures – all out of fear

of chemical and physical injury / diseases /

death from five-pronged attacks by Naples

itself as detailed below:


1. the suffocating, stinking, stenching,

malodourous and highly pathogenic

(disease-laden) heaps and mounds of

uncleared garbage and putrid rubbish

(It’s frightening to see how quickly the

modern city that Naples was has been

swallowed by and drowned in its own

refuse / waste / garbage!) not just unsightly

but teeming with viruses, bacteria,

parasites, vermin and even reptiles –

found all along pedestrians’ / cyclists’

platforms, forcing the poor pedestrians

and cyclists to take to the roads meant

only for fast-moving, motorised vehicles;


2. the Greatest Imitator – the dreaded

(Pre-Penicillin-era’s) Killer venereal

(named after Venus (named from the

Latin noun venus (“sexual love” and

“sexual desire”) the Roman

equivalent of Greek Aphrodite and

the Roman Goddess of Love and

Prostitutes too and the mother of

cute little Cupid , the God of Desire,

armed with a bow and a quiver of

arrows which can shoot desire

into any soul – Cupid was also the

husband of Princess Psyche

(“Psyche” means “soul”) later

elevated to the status of a goddess

of Rome!) (Sexually Transmitted

Disease / STD) Disease Syphilis

(named after the first mythological

patient  with this disease, a Greek

Shepherd named Syphilus /

Si-pylus / Sifilo / Sunphileo

{Lover of Sun God Apollo),

 (described by Italian physician and

poet Hieronymus Girolamo

Fracastorius in his 1530 epic

poem entitled Syphilis, sive Morbus

Gallicus / “Syphilis or the French

Disease”. [Note: Each newly

affected country lost no time naming

the new disease after the

neighbouring country which

it suspected, usually with good

reason, of having been the source

of contamination.]. The French

called it the “Italian Disease”;

 the Russians called it the

“Polish disease”; the Turks

called it the “Christian disease”

or “Frank disease” (frengi);

the Tahitians called                                       

it the “British disease”; the

Poles called it “German

sickness”; the Portuguese

called it “the Castillian sickness”;

the Japanese and the peoples

of the East Indies came to call

it “the Portuguese sickness”;

the Dutch called it the “Spanish

disease” based on  a politically

useful perception that the Spanish

were immoral or unworthy!

Only the Spanish, oddly enough,

did not call it anything – GOK Why!)

– who, with his mother Niobe, 

rejected and then insulted the Sun

God Apollo and in response, the

deity was steamed at Niobe and

turned her into stone – The

“Weeping Rock” on Mount

Sipylus (now in Turkey) 

(See ManisaAglayanKaya

Weeping StoneTurkey.jpg)

and cursed her son, Syphilus,

to be afflicted with a disease,

the dreaded, horrendous

malady  (Syphilis) which

horribly disfigured him and

would have killed him too –

luckily in time the god forgave

Sifilo and cured him through

the use of a leafy tree he had

created called guaiacum,

the nymph Lipare also advised

the shepherd that mercury

could be used to cure the

disease! But by the time the

shepherd got cured, he and his

contacts(!!) had spread the

disease far and wide, even into

the Caribbean Islands

discovered (for the Europeans

of yore), colonised and

plundered by  the Italian “New 

World” Finder Christopher   

Columbus – eldest of three

Columbus brothers: Christopher,

Bartolomé, and Diego – (Columbus

didn’t discover America – the credit

belongs to  the much forged,

widely criticised and unjustifiably

maligned (by the fans of

Columbus as trying to upset

the glory of Columbus!)

Amerigo Vespucci, the

Man Who Gave His Name

to America, “America”,

probably deriving its name

from the feminized Latin

version of Vespucci’s first

name, himself also an

Italian and also honoured

by Spanish King Ferdinand

by being made Chief

Navigator of Spain and described

a voyage to South America

in 1501-1502 –  Mundus Novus).

Columbus and his crew

consisting of condemned /

murderous criminals in Spanish

prisons whom Spanish King

Ferdinand II of Aragon and

Queen Isabella I of Castile had

sent on the famous but dangerous

(in those times of measly sail

boats / ships like Columbus’

Santa María ex-Gallega and

the two smaller caravels, the

Pinta and the Santa Clara

paddling on the dangerous

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans

including the dreaded Bermuda

Triangle – more to come in a later

page) made, in 1492 A.D.,

their first  voyage “to India”

to get and bring back to Spain

the precious spices etc., with

the promise of a royal pardon and

freedom in return!, landed in what

Columbus thought was today’s

India but actually were today’s

West Indies / Caribbean Islands,

plundered the local treasures

(more to come in a later

page) and sexually abused the

natives and, in that process,

contracted the  Syphilus /

Si-pylus / Sifilo / Sunphileo

– transplanted Syphilis and

brought it back to Spain and then

to Italy – (Many of Columbus’

crew members who served on

his voyage later joined the army

of  King Charles VIII in his

invasion of Italy in 1495).

Columbus himself is said to

have died of Syphilis.

The notorious1494 – 1495

epidemic of Syphilis which

was started by Columbus and

colleagues later spread from

Naples and raged all over Europe

and even to other continents and

killed five million people.

Understandably “Naples”

has become a common

euphanism for Syphilis.

The impulsive, immoderate

and immoral ones among the

tourists will fall for the ranks

of the African and the

poverty-stricken native

underclass prostitutes

(courtesans / sex workers)

who line (as they do in all

the Red Light Areas of

Flesh Trade in all cities of

the world ) the ancient via

Domiziana of Naples as it

winds north out of the city.

These unfortunate souls –

in the pre-Penicillin era –

contracted Syphilis and met

their Maker! They “SAW”



Let me close this page on this

sordid note. The other killer

dangers lurking in Naples

and neighbourhood, waiting

to make a visitor die after

seeing Naples will wait

for the next page.


Take Heart!


Wish You “halcyon days” –

calm days! (more on this

too later!).


About Loga muthu krishnan

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