Long time No See, eh! Come, jump on to my
magic flying carpet – PHFA (Hehe! haahaa!
Positive Health For All!) to see more of
Nature’s Free yet Greatest multicolour
Son-et-Lumiere show in the sky – Clouds.

As I noted at the end of the last page, “While
the non-living, inanimate objects like soil,
stones and rocks silently took the thrashing
by the rain and rivers coming from the clouds
and glaciers – both generic clouds anyway –
the living beings on earth, from the minute
bacteria to the mighty mankind evolving
through gigantic dinosaurs etc., fared

I started discussing the living beings from the
minute bacteria but some intermediate beings
between the non-living, inanimate objects on
earth mentioned in the previous page and
bacteria, the lowest forms of living beings on
earth, to be detailed herein, also deserve our

They are the viruses which have attracted a
separate science called “Virology”.

It is common knowledge that common cold,
Influenza, Polio, Rabies, some forms of
Hepatitis, Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Measles,
Mumps, Encephalitis, Human (STD / Venereal)
Papilloma, AIDS etc., are caused by viruses.

Viruses are extremely small particles ranging
from 20 – 400 nanometers on an average, the
largest virus being 1000 nanometers in size,
too small to be seen with an ordinary light
(optical) microscope through which bacteria
can be seen; an electron microscope is needed
to see the viruses.

Viruses are most often considered non-cellular
replicators rather than cellular forms of life /
living beings like Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya,
Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.

Some microbiologists also classify viruses as
micro – organisms, but others consider these
as nonliving.

They have been described as “organisms at the
edge of life,” since they possess genes, evolve
by natural selection, and replicate by creating
multiple copies of themselves through self –
assembly. However, viruses do not metabolize
(produce, use and dissipate energy) and they
require a living host cell to make new products.

More on viruses in the pages to follow and then
on bacteria etc.,


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