Positive Health For All requires User Level Knowledge of Human Health and Illnesses For All!

This begets many searching questions – Where did I come from? How am I made? Who am I?

What am I made of? What are added to me? What do I put out? What get into me?

What afflict me? How long will I live? What is death? What happens to me after death?

Where will I go from here? Is there re-birth? Can I remember my previous birth? etc., etc.,

Add your own questions too!

Get ready!


About Loga muthu krishnan

I am a 70 year old Neurosurgeon just started Non-Profit blogs under WordPress, Google Bloggerspot, webs.com, Facebook, http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/etc., entitled "Positive Health For All" disseminating useful health information free of cost over the internet(Absolutely NO promotions of persons (including me), brands, hospitals, books etc.,). My blogs are:https://krishnanlogamuthu.wordpress.com/, http://gtieve.blogspot.com, http://logamuthu.webs.com/ http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/logumuthu.krishnan

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