Hey my dear Bloggies, Come, jump on to my magic flying carpet
PHFA (Hehe! haahaa! Positive Health For All!) to see more of
Nature’s Free yet Greatest multicolour Son-et-Lumiere show in
the sky – Clouds.

Clouds (God-made / Natural) are much more interesting and attract
our attention much more than Artificial / Man-made clouds which will
be discussed briefly later.

Natural clouds form on ground and in the sky – extending from our
ground through various layers of our Earth’s atmosphere and other
planetary / interplanetary / interstellar / intergalactic atmospheres
upto the limits of our own Universe and also the other parallel
multiple Universes / Multiuniverses / Multiverse.

BTW, for those of you accepting that there are multiple Universes /
Multiuniverses / Multiverse, let me quote a few superb lines from the
nice article, “Parallel Universes” written by Max Tegmark of Dept.
of Physics, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104;
max@physics.upenn.edu (Mail Bounced / Permanent Failure to
deliver – User unknown (state 13).(January 23 2003.), Scientific
American: “Is there another copy of you reading this article,
deciding to put it aside without finishing this sentence while you
are reading on? A person living on a planet called Earth, with misty
mountains, fertile fields and sprawling cities, in a solar system with
eight other planets. The life of this person has been identical to
yours in every respect (until now, that is, when your decision to
read on signals that your two lives are diverging. You probably
find this idea strange and implausible, and I must confess that this
is my gut reaction too. Yet it looks like we will just have to live with
it, since the simplest and most popular cosmological model today
predicts that this person actually exists in a Galaxy about 10
raised to to the power of 10 raised to the power of 29 meters from
here” (Sorry, my text – editor does not provide for subscripts,
superscripts and super – superscripts to write “10 raised to the
power of 10 raised to the power of 29” more decently!).
Continuing with Max Tegmark, “This does not even assume
speculative modern physics, merely that space is infinite and
rather uniformly filled with matter as indicated by recent
astronomical observations. Your alter ego is simply a prediction
of the so-called concordance model of cosmology, which agrees
with all current observational evidence and is used as the basis
for most calculations and simulations presented at cosmology
conferences. In contrast, alternatives such as a fractal universe,
a closed universe and a multiply connected universe have been
seriously challenged by observations. The farthest you can
observe is the distance that light has been able to travel during
the 14 billion years since the big-bang expansion began. The most
distant visible objects are now about 4×10 raised to the power of
26 meters away, and a sphere of this radius defines our
observable universe, also called our Hubble volume, our horizon
volume or simply our universe. Likewise, the universe of your
above – mentioned twin is a sphere of the same size centered over
there, none of which we can see or have any causal contact with
yet. This is the simplest (but far from the only) example of parallel
universes. By this very definition of “universe”, one might expect
the notion that our observable universe is merely a small part of
a larger “multiverse” to be forever in the domain of metaphysics.
Yet the epistemological borderline between physics and
metaphysics is defined by whether a theory is experimentally
testable, not by whether it is weird or involves unobservable
entities. Technology – powered experimental breakthroughs have
therefore expanded the frontiers of physics to incorporate ever
more abstract (and at the time counterintuitive) concepts” (End
quote of Max Tegmark with googolplex thanx for such nice
quotable lines on a complex subject) such as multiverse!

While the Greatest Free Son-et-lumierre show provided by the
colourful, vivacious clouds with their musical, glamorous,
deafening, blinding, cruel, destructive, life – threatening
orchestral accompaniments like thunder, storm, torrential rain,
cyclone, tornadoes etc., as well as the very benevolent, life –
sustaining accompaniments like gentle, sprinkler – like,
irrigating rain has been going on from the time of Big Bang
explosion, the non-living, inanimate objects like soil, stones
and rocks could not withstand the pounding and thrashing
by pouring rain and running / rapid / rushing / gushing rivers –
the meanest, measly, smallest among them just got pulverised
and washed off / dissolved leaving no traces / trails while the
mightiest / bulkiest / sturdiest amongst them like the gigantic
Colorado Plateau had to yield, at least 2.5–5 million years ago,
if not earlier, to the speeding / rushing / pounding / thrashing /
cutting / eroding by the mighty, untamed Colarado river of 2.5 –
5 million years ago, running / rushing to its destination – the
Gulf of California between Baja California and Sonora – at
blood – curdlingly unimaginably furious flow volumes and velocities –
much much more than 30,000 m3s 1,200,000 cfs – resulting in the
formation of The Grand Canyon which is 277 miles (446 km) long,
up to 18 miles (29 km) wide and attains a depth of over a mile
(6,000 feet / 1,800 metres) and considered one of the Seven
Natural Wonders of the World although it is not the deepest
canyon / gorge in the world, falling behind Kali Gandaki Gorge
or Andha Galchi – the gorge of the Kali Gandaki (or Gandaki River)
in the Himalayas in Nepal, which is far deeper than the The Grand
Canyon, while the Kali Gandaki (or Gandaki River) itself is older
than the Himalayas! See! Himalayas has the world’s tallest peak,
Mount Everest as also the world’s deepest gorge – very truely
the High and the Low!

While the non-living, inanimate objects like soil, stones and rocks
silently took the thrashing by the rain and rivers coming from the
clouds and glaciers – both generic clouds anyway – the living
beings on earth, from the minute bacteria to the mighty mankind
evolving through gigantic dinosaurs etc., fared differently.

That will be the story for the next page! Au re-voir!


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