“Hey! What day is it?”, I ask.

No answer!

I turn right and ask, “Hey! Quel jour est-ce ?”

No answer!

I turn left  and ask, “Hallöchen! Was für ein Tag es ist?”

No answer!

I look up (to God Almighty in heavens?!) and shout –

in many languages (God is Omniscient, U Know!

Omnilingual too, must be, perhaps, GOK!

Heard of the jet pilot who flew too high, looked

at the altimeter and swore loudly, “OMG!

Where have I come?”. – Pat came God’s reply

from the skies, “You have come to Hell’s Gates,

my son!”!) “Oye! ¿Qué día es? hei! Hvilken

dag er det Hallå! Vilken dag är det? hei!

Ce zi este!”.

Again a long eerie Silence! My heart shuddered

“Dhig! …Dhig!!…Dhig!!!…Dhig!!!!..Dhig!!!!!…”.

Apologetically and meekly (“Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth” – Matthew 5:5 – ? like

Atlas all the time and HercuIes for a short break for

Atlas), I moaned and groaned, ” Don’t look at me

askance! Frag mich schief! Ikke se på meg

askance!”, and went on to explain, “You see!

I ai’nt no lollapalooza! We, neurosurgeons (aka

“Nut Crackers”), operating on injured / sick

human brains for hours together, do sometimes

lose track of time and even days and dates!

So we need help!” – forecalling what I am going

to say in a later page on clock and calendar

for neurosurgeons!

That did it! (Ask and it will be given to you;

seek and you will find! –  Matthew 7:7)!

Out came replies in multiple languages from

all directions including the sky above, (as

Rigveda, the oldest of the four Hindu Vedas,

said, roughly between 1700 – 1100 BCE,

“Let Good Thoughts come to us from all over

the Universe” – Transliterated  from Sanskrit –

“Aano Bhadhraha Krathavo Yanthu

Vishvathaha!”) “It is Wednesday!!

C’est mercredi!! Es ist Mittwoch!!

È mercoledì! Este miercuri!!  

Det er onsdag!!  Det är onsdag!! “

Yeah, It is Wednesday!!

So I remembered line 3  (refrain – poetic –

repeated) of the song,  “If It’s Tuesday

It Must Be Belgium” penned by

Donovan Leitch and sung beautifully by 22

years old Bojoura – born Raina Cleuver van

Melzen 1947 – in the 1969 movie “If It’s

Tuesday It Must Be Belgium” – which goes,

“If it’s Wednesday, this must be Rome!”!

 Eureka! I caught back the thread of this

blog – If it’s Wednesday, this must be

Rome!  Il doit s’agir de Rome!! Rom ist

muss es!! Deve essere Roma!! 

Trebuie sa fie Roma!! Det må være

Roma!! Debe ser Roma!!  Det måste

vara Rom!!

So Back to women doctors of ancient Rome whom we left at the

end of the previous page.

But before I chaperon you around Rome, some strict caveats!

Gone are the days of the old saying, “All roads lead to Rome!”!

A. If you take the wrong road —–>>

1. you may land up in Venice and get pooped in face by the pigeons of

St.Mark’s Square (These Pigeon droppings are said to be so

detrimental to the monumental sculptures there that feeding the

pigeons by tourists has been banned!

Do you see the glee in the faces of the popular bassist Jared Followill

and the other three members of the popular and Grammy award-

winning band, Kings of Leon, who were forced to end a concert

in Verizon Ampitheater in St. Louis, Missouri USA on the night of 23-24

July, 2010 after playing just three songs,  the last being “Taper Jean

Girl,” because of an intolerable torrential downpour – not of rain but…– 

of bird poop – by pigeons living in / infesting the rafters of the

Ampitheater – one pigeon hit Jared in the cheek and pooped – some of

the poop landed near his mouth – reflex knee – jerk reaction of wiping

the poop by Jared took it further in, maybe, into his mouth! The band

bailed out since “it was too unsanitary to continue. FULL REFUNDS 4

ALL. SO SORRY. Don’t take it out on Jared, it’s the f**king venue’s

fault. You may enjoy being s**t on but we don’t. Sorry for all who

traveled many miles.”! KoL‘s glee about ban on pigeons will be shared

also by the Civic Administration of Texas which is also plagued by

acidic bird droppings –  A few friendly birds sharing Texans’ lunch etc.,

became a nightmare like the famous Alfred Hitchcock’s horror movie –

The Birds (1963)!        

B. If you take the wrong road —–>>                                        

2. You may land up in the romantic (Adjective derived from “Roman” –

“Rome”) city of Verona – the home of the romantic Romeo (whose

name means “Pilgrim to Rome”) and his second but better-balanced

love (should I say “wife”, because they got married before committing

suicide on a pact), Juliet.

C. If you take the wrong road —–>>

3. You may land up in Naples and you will ….( s..o..r..r..y ….) d…..i….e!


So goes the old saying, “See Naples and die!”.

Let us us postpone the sorrow of demise to the next page, OK?!!


About Loga muthu krishnan

I am a 70 year old Neurosurgeon just started Non-Profit blogs under WordPress, Google Bloggerspot, webs.com, Facebook, http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/etc., entitled "Positive Health For All" disseminating useful health information free of cost over the internet(Absolutely NO promotions of persons (including me), brands, hospitals, books etc.,). My blogs are:https://krishnanlogamuthu.wordpress.com/, http://gtieve.blogspot.com, http://logamuthu.webs.com/ http://logamuthu.tumblr.com/ http://www.facebook.com/logumuthu.krishnan

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